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CRBN ZERO deliver more than Solar and Battery Storage solutions, we design and deliver complete and comprehensive renewable energy generators, specific to your business needs. We understand commercial business and utilise smarter Green Technology to deliver a solution that is fit for purpose, our in-house supply chain and project management experience is exceptional and our extremely talented team find the balance between our clients commercial objectives and the best technical solutions.

We support businesses and renewable contractors across the UK. We provide you with the technical expertise required to understand the various renewable solutions that could enhance your project. We are procurement experts and are no strangers to unusual generation requests, we will find you what it is you need to ensure the project succeeds through our international manufacturer network.

CRBN ZERO are here to enhance your renewable energy journey. Contact us to find out how we can add value to your project.


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Efficient business is a renewable energy business.

Reliance on regular grid power is no longer a sustainable option for businesses with many resorting to renewable energy solutions to reduce cost and improve operations. CRBN ZERO support contractors and businesses with design, consultation and procurement of some of the most cost effective renewable solutions on the market, if we don't have a solution, we will find one for you.

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Infrastructure designed and delivered with purpose.

CRBN ZERO offer support and guidance on some of the most demanding and complex projects - from Solar carport design to 10MW multi-utility Solar farms. We understand the industry. We partner with industry leading installation teams experienced with commercial Solar, battery storage installation, on-shore wind turbines and ECO generators.

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Energy pricing in the red? Make it Green

Renewable infrastructure is a primary maeasure utilised by businesses to reduce carbon emissions. We work with contractors and their clients to support with determining the scope that should be installed and the impact it will have on the business. Manage your power generation in-house with our advanced solutions.

who we are.

We’re an independent, specialist, renewable energy consultancy founded in 2021 amidst the peak of the UK COVID 19 lockdown.

We understand real estate and commercial business and uniquely set the standard for low carbon technologies through our international supply chain networks and emerging innovative solutions that will enhance your ROI.

We’ve gained an enviable reputation for delivering pioneering solutions and overcoming structural barriers over the past 12 months. This means our work has a big impact, that’s the bit that’s really important.

what we do.

Put simply, CRBN ZERO work with many of the UKs largest commercial real estate owners, commercial businesses, FTSE 500 and some of the countries leading electrical contractors and help them navigate the often seemingly complex path to net zero.

We specialise in supporting our clients on the assessment, delivery and management of suitable, practical and commercially supported green-tech projects. Providing an accessible route into renewable energy, energy storage and off-grid EV charging infrastructure, we could also go as far enough to say we can offer a 0 CAPEX solution for most our clients removing money as a barrier to sustainable resources… We believe we tick all the right boxes.

Our Solutions.


We are specialists in complete renewable solutions and as such provide an invaluable resource to the contractor partners we work with, our team has over 100 years joint experinece in various fields of infrastructure development and have installed and designed over 25 Megawatts of Solar PV and PV carports, that is enough to drive an electric car for 90,000 miles every hour or toast 2.225 million slices of bread. contact us if you require commercial support for your projects.

We are equipped to provide you with a complete and comprehensive design or support with tenders for large commercial PV projects, in fact the bigger the project the more we relish the challenge! We use various design platforms to help you present a proposal that is thought out, factful and detailed.

Not all projects are cookie cutter, and not all projects are the same. We can provide you with an arsenal of renewable solutions and tailor the solution around the clients requirements. We are not only designers, we are procurers of the most innovative renewable solutions in the world. Are your clients interested in wind turbines? how about installing them on the roof? Does your client have a diesel generator? switch it our for an ECO- Generator. Call us to find out more.

We wouldn’t boast about our international renewable supply chain network if we couldn’t put our money where our mouth is. We partner with some of the leading PV and battery storage manufacturers globally. We source and supply all our materials by container reducing the cost of the project to you and your customers. Here is the best part, we never have stock shortages and can ALWAYS provide you with materials within 8 weeks of ordering stock. We can provide this guarentee as stock is made to order and 100% MCS certified. 


We work with some impressive clients in the industry including Amazon, YESSS Electrical, FTSE 500 companies, Farmers and Miners, establishing a completely unique solution for each. Our project team determine which solution will benefit your business most from wind turbines to solar carports, each project is completely unique. Contact us to find out more on how we can future proof your business.

 We work with you on your project and conduct a series of feasibility tests, including structural surveys to ensure your premises is suitable for the measures you wish to install. We then look at system sizing and budget to ensure and support you with finance options if required. For solar farms, we assess cashflow and valuation and can also assist in land lease negotiations.

We can support you from project inception to completion, managing administration, System training and health and safety risk management. If you also need support with tender applications for local authorities or larger projects, we’ve got you covered.

For projects requiring continued maintenance or annual servicing we provide asset management as a service which cover asset and operational management, financial reporting, aquisition due diligence and when required decomissioning of the units. 

Managing your solution in this way allows us to track how efficient the system is and keep an eye on any units that are either damaged or defective, Don’t let hidden mainenance cost  be your achilles heel. 


CRBN ZERO are procurement experts, sourcing materials for the most complex projects. Our suppliers are MCS accredited and are sourced from the UK, far east, Europe and the Middle East. We can procure solar panels and commercial battery storage by the container and guarentee delivery within 10 weeks, there is no product we can’t source and supply for your renewable energy projects.

 CRBN ZERO bridge the gap with supply constraints delaying solar projects across the UK and Europe. We supply materials direct from source for contractor and direct to client projects, ensuring projects continue to run on time, without delay. We work with 5 primary manufacturers capable of manufacturing a minimum 4000 panels per day across each site, impressive right?

Find out how we can supply materials for your project.

We partner with PWR-VOLT , a leading commercial battery storage manufacturer. We supply and install 75kW, 150kW and 225kW battery storage units for mid-size installations then 500kW to 1.2MW containerised battery storage units for properties with larger storage requirements. The systems are integrated with Battery Management systems and Energy Management systems to ensure your solution is as efficient as it could be.

Contact us to find out more about PWR-VOLT BESS.

Electric Vehicle infrastructure is quickly becoming a prominent feature in commercial businesses. We integrate EV charging into your solar PV system and utilising an Energy Management System, charge vehicles, on demand with completely renewable energy. Find out how our solution will benefit your business.



Benefit from energy reduction, carbon offsetting, renewable installations including Solar, Electric vehicle charging, battery storage, renewable energy and above average feed in tariffs. Maximise your ROI



Industrial businesses can benefit from complete nergy usage analysis, energy optimisation, renewable energy upgrades including Solar, EV charging and Battery Storage, Carbon offsetting, cost saving matrix and excellent feed in tariffs.



CRBN ZERO offer advice, support and technical expertise to contractors across the UK. Providing them with design advice, a network of manufacturers that can supply products direct to projects and an efficient and managed project management process if required.



CRBN ZERO consults Universities, Colleges and schools nationally with the key purpose of providing sound external reasoning and methedology to energy efficiency and sustainability.

We are actively looking for property owners and developers looking to increase their yields and reduce energy costs by up to 70%. We are also looking for people to invest or fund renewable energy projects including solar farms and Multi-Port EV charging Hubs in the UK and Europe. Contact our investor relations team for more information: